A true story of life and death in the Troubles.

A true story of life and death in the Troubles.

In a memoir of rare power, John explores the dark heart of Northern Irish sectarianism in the seventies and eighties. With searing honesty and native Belfast wit, he describes the light and darkness of his unique childhood, and his teenage journey through mod culture and ultra-Loyalism, before an escape from Belfast to London – where, still haunted by the shadow of his fractured family history – he began a turbulent and hedonistic adulthood.

A Belfast Child is a tale of divided loyalties, dark secrets and the scars left by hatred and violence on a proud city – but also a story of hope, healing and ultimate redemption for a family caught in the rising tide of the Troubles.

After years of struggling to complete my book and share it with the world I was ready to throw the towel in , and I decided to give it one final throw of the dice before admitting defeat.

A quick Google search led me to Tom’s website and after an exchange of emails Tom indicated that he would like to work with me, and we arranged a meeting. Lucky for me that he had an impressive knowledge of Belfast and the Troubles, which was perfect for my book.
We found that we had much in common and before long we had established a working relationship that gradually turned to friendship. Tom took my hand and led me gently through the writing process and after many hours of chatting and countless emails he began to weave my words and stories into what I can only describe as a perfect account of my life. The book has done amazingly well and has been in the top ten since publication date and most of the reviews are five stars. I can never thank Tom enough for all the help, advice, friendship and hard work he put into both me and my project and I will be forever grateful.

John Chambers, Author of ‘A Belfast Child