A Copywriter With Years Of Experience

I’ve worked with words for 30 years and have a proven track record of writing persuasive, compelling copy in a range of styles and for a wide variety of publications. Few copywriters will have written a book. Even fewer will have written 25 books!

If you need clear, well-constructed copy for your project, whatever the size, please get in touch.

My service is second to none, and at competitive rates. Writing shorter-form copy is, for me, an interesting diversion from my book work, giving me the chance to hone my skills to defined requirements and tight deadlines.

Contact me now if you’d like to talk about your copywriting needs.


“Tom is PUSH’s greatest find of 2020 – we always know working with him will be a really positive experience. He has genuinely helped revolutionise the content we share and the IP we own. Not only that, he has been a complete pleasure to work with along the way. Indeed, if I could sum up working with Tom in two words, it would be easy and joyful. Frankly, everyone should be just a bit more Tom.”

Cate Murden, Founder, PUSH